CTT: Going to Great Lengths for the Waterloo Region

Once again this year (2012), CTT can boast that it has gone to the ends of the Earth and beyond to tell the story of Waterloo Region, in its efforts to bring new investment, business and jobs to the Region. To name but a few of the locations that staff traveled to: Germany, Japan, Brazil, […]

Doing Business with China: Waterloo Region’s advantages

In June 2010, Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper and Chinese President Hu Jintao agreed to evaluate the potential bilateral economic complementarities between their two countries. A report was created to identify the interests or requirements of one country that can be matched by the other country. The full report, Canada-China Economic Complementarities Study, is available […]

2012 Olympics: What’s in the Water at Waterloo?

Governor General and former University of Waterloo president David Johnston often spoke of the innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Waterloo Region. People always wanted to know the secret to Waterloo’s success, they would ask him: “What’s in the water at Waterloo?”. The answer, as I have now uncovered, is Speedos. With the London 2012 Games opening, […]

Branch vs. Subsidiary, which is right for you?

General Comments on Structuring the Business  by Crystal Taylor , Partner, Miller Thomson LLP There are a number of business structures available to carry on business in Canada for foreign entities. Amongst these include sole proprietorships, partnerships, joint ventures and corporations (both public and private), as well as agency, distributorship and licensing arrangements. Generally, a non-resident […]

CTT Foreign Multinational Aftercare Calling Program Debuts in Germany

City of Kitchener Mayor Carol Zehr led a Team Waterloo Region delegation to Germany from June 12-21 that included: John G. Jung, CEO, CTT; Rod Regier, Director of Economic Development, City of Kitchener; and Bill Elliot, Integrative Trade Consultant, CTT. The delegation visited with the headquarters of firms with operations in Waterloo Region. This highly […]

Media Release: Strengthening Local Relationships In Germany

Canada’s Technology Triangle News


June 12, 2012 – Kitchener, ON – The first leg of Canada’s Technology Triangle’s (CTT) Foreign Multi National (FMN) “Aftercare & Follow-Up” program kicks off this week in Germany.  Mayor Carl Zehr and CEO, John Jung, along with other Regional Economic Development stakeholders have teamed up to visit approximately 15 German companies with operations in the Waterloo Region.

The group brings a diverse knowledge of the Region as well as extensive experience understanding the unique issues that Foreign Multi Nationals may experience and that could hinder them from thriving and growing in the Region.  By nurturing these foreign businesses who have established roots in the region, the group hopes to reacquaint them with municipal and regional economic development staff, identify barriers to additional local expansion and to identify opportunities for R & D, supply chain engagement and local business opportunities or connections. 

Through extensive research, CTT identified over 240 foreign companies having operations in the Region, and then in conjunction with municipal partners developed a short list of 50 FMN companies who could most benefit from the program via a corporate visitation in 2012. 

“By already having chosen to locate their investments in Waterloo Region, these organizations have demonstrated their faith that this region is a top destination to do business, and we want to make certain that they have access to all the resources, information and support needed to ensure they succeed and grow in the Region.  It’s all about retaining and growing the foreign businesses that extensive effort has gone into bringing here.” remarks John G. Jung, CEO, CTT.

The companies to be visited are as diverse as the Region itself—integrated financial services, advanced manufacturing, luxury consumer goods, innovative building solutions and green technology producers

To obtain additional information about the mission or the “AfterCare Program” contact John G. Jung, CEO, CTT at john@techtriangle.com.


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Waterloo Region – What’s inside the box?

Manufacturing in Action – May 1, 2012 Waterloo Region – What’s in the box? Innovation. Unexpectedly. And its born right here in my backyard. The Region was well represented at the recent Manufacturing Innovation Network Summit by today’s government, business and education leaders carrying on the legacy of some 150 years of modern innovation. From […]