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Talent Attraction for the 21st Century

Led regionally by the efforts of CTT, Brainport Region and Waterloo Region have, over the last few years, developed very close ties, stemming partly from our striking similarities. 

Yvonne van Hest is one of the individuals from Brainport who has visited Waterloo Region often and I’d like to share a recent blog post that she penned.  As someone from outside this region, she offers a fresh view of the PI talent initiative and a sense of camaraderie in that her home shares the same challenges and sees PI and Waterloo Region offering a fresh approach. 

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.linkedin.com

“Talent Attraction 3.0 is the next step to be able to win the ‘war for top talent’. More and more Western countries are ‘battling’ for the same talents. And I am convinced that we can only be ahead in this ‘war’ by getting connected to the worldwide talents at a younger age, and by giving them this ‘once in a lifetime experience’. I really believe that this is the key.” 


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