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Lloyd Robertson talks “Canadian brand” at Tech Triangle event in Kitchener

A group dedicated to attracting foreign investment in Waterloo Region is hosting its 6th Annual International Reception & Dinner tonight, featuring keynote speaker Lloyd Robertson.

Janet Grondin, Marketing and Communications Manager of Canada’s Technology Triangle, tells 570 News Mr. Robertson will talk about what she calls the “Canadian brand.” Says Grondin, “How can businesses here take advantage of that brand and compare themselves internationally and how they might leverage it in their abilities to focus on and source new markets for them?

Source: www.570news.com

Grondin says the purpose of the event at Bingemans is to help attract foreign investment in Waterloo Region. “It’s an opportunity for business people to come to the event and meet these people and talk to them about their countries and their business climates.

Grondin says about 30 officials will be taken on a tour of the Region throughout the day, before gathering tonight for the reception and dinner. “We showcase key aspects of the Region – what goes on here, what makes this such a dynamic region, so that when they go back home to their home countries they’re carrying with them the message of just how fantastic this region is.

The event provides an opportunity for local business executives to network with representatives from a number of countries, including Italy, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Belgium and the Netherlands.



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