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University of Waterloo engineering to showcase student design

The University of Waterloo is showcasing fourth-year engineering student design projects in the annual Capstone Design Symposia. Held during National Engineering Month, the symposia feature student innovation and design in 10 engineering disciplines ranging from chemical and geological engineering to mechatronics.

Canada’s Technology Triangle Inc.‘s insight:

This year’s symposia highlights include:

  • A Thermal Energy Recycling Initiative (TERI) that aims to recycle energy from water following use in household appliances;
  • The design and build of an open-wheeled Formula-1-style race car;
  • Surgical instrumentation designs for shoulder joint replacement surgery;
  • A magnetic nanocomposite for waste-water treatment that removes industrial pollution;
  • An asymptomatic concussion detection device;
  • An intelligent suitcase that allows travelers to track their own luggage through a website interface;
  • An autonomous robot that can locate trapped people and assist in rescue and evacuation efforts using 3D mapping.

Check the website to see the dates and locations for the various engineering disciplines.

See on www.exchangemagazine.com


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