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Canada Had Best Performance of G-7 Economies During Global Economic Downturn

Trade data show that even as world trade declined in 2012, Canada’s economic performance remained solid, making it the best-performing country in the G-7 through the post-crisis recovery in both overall employment growth (up 6 percent) and real GDP growth (up 8.9 percent).

Canada’s exports of goods and services expanded even while global trade was stagnant or decreasing.

Canada’s Technology Triangle Inc.‘s insight:

Since 2006, Canada has concluded free trade agreements with nine countries: Colombia, the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), Honduras, Jordan, Panama and Peru. In addition to the recent historic agreement with the European Union, Canada is pursuing trade agreements with more than 25 countries, including large markets such as India, Japan and the countries that comprise the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Canada has concluded, signed or brought into force FIPAs with 22 countries since 2006—10 in 2013 alone—and is negotiating many more. Canada currently has 25 FIPAs in force around the world.

See on www.international.gc.ca


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