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A region bigger than BlackBerry

Waterloo Region is not a one-company town.


.. no one should forget that another 25,000 tech professionals work in local industry. BlackBerry is one very large, very important local tech firm.

There are more than 1,000 others and among them can be numbered OpenText, Canada’s biggest software company, ComDev, Canada’s largest satellite company, Desire2Learn, this nation’s premiere eLearning company, and Christie Digital Systems Canada, one of the world’s top producers of visual technology displays..

Tech Triangle‘s insight:

Want more local tech going concerns? Think of Agfa, Sybase, Sandvine, and Teledyne Dalsa. And want to know one of the greatest engines of such innovation and excellence? Think of the University of Waterloo, with some of the world’s best schools for engineers, mathematicians and computer experts. Remember also Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College, whose graduates also power our tech sector.

There is an energy, a hum that you can feel and hear in the region today. Its people are creative, daring, innovative and — in the spirit of the rural Mennonites who build barns for their neighbours — co-operative. BlackBerry’s troubles will, temporarily, drag us back a step or two. They won’t drag us down, or stop us from leaping forward.

See on www.therecord.com


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