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Mayors celebrate success of one trade mission while preparing for another

Doug Craig is taking a business trip to Germany and the Netherlands on Sept. 30.

RIMOWA is based in Cologne, Germany. Its North American headquarters are now in Cambridge, near a small facility that opened with a few dozen workers five years ago. Now, the city has 300 RIMOWA jobs.

Craig says RIMOWA is “a perfect example” of the payoffs that come from sending our mayors overseas as pitch people for the region’s business development office.

“(RIMOWA) came in with 20 jobs. They’ve expanded to 300,” he said. “All of that is because of CTT connections. Not because of me, personally. But all of us play a part in all of these things that happen. It’s very positive.”

Tech Triangle‘s insight:

t’s not just about wooing new business for Waterloo Region. Old business needs maintenance.

“It’s all about reinforcing the connection with Cambridge and the region,” Craig said. “It’s about reinforcing the fact we’re here to help them expand here, or, in some cases, we’re going to some business we hope might come here.”

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