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Waterloo companies unveil connected car technologies in Detroit

“Home, James.”

Tech Triangle‘s insight:

Having your own digital chauffeur is a sci-fi fantasy, but two Waterloo companies, BlackBerry and Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, unveiled innovations at the Telematics Detroit conference this week to take us further into a future of vehicles we talk to, interact with, and provide us with a social experiences as we drive.

Meanwhile, Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) of Waterloo unveiled a new generation of its DriveSync technology to allow virtually any car to be turned into a “connected car.”

The IMS device is a “little black box” that attaches to the on-board diagnostics port in a vehicle and gathers information, such as vehicle location, average speed, distance travelled and other diagnostics. That helps fleet owners or even individual car owners who need to know how the vehicle is being driven and what needs maintenance.

Gryc of QNX Software, says the new software developments are steps toward smarter cars that will be able to take over some of the tedious driving tasks. That is coming “sooner than most people predicted,” he said. As that happens, “people will be freer with what they are able to do in the car.”

See on www.therecord.com


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