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When Silicon Valley Isn’t Enough: Why three Waterloo Region startups stayed home to build success | Stratford Campus


But you choose to return home to Waterloo Region instead. That takes “something” – to ignore advice from the world’s leading startup mentors. Few people have the guts (or insert other bodily part) to do it. Yet it happens.

It turns out that this “something” is a highly supportive local startup ecosystem, according to three buzz-worthy and successful Kitchener-Waterloo startups who formed the panel at Canada 3.0’s session, “I went to Y Combinator and came back to Canada to grow my business, and here’s why.”

Tech Triangle‘s insight:

What they do know without a doubt is that massive global success is possible for a Waterloo startup – at one point during the candid panel discussion, Litt picked up his smartphone and noted that local startup RIM (now BlackBerry) showed everyone how it could be done. Now it’s Thalmic Labs, Bufferbox and Vidyard’s turn to show Silicon Valley how coming home was the right thing to do.

See on uwaterloo.ca


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