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Founder as tough as his durable wheelbarrows

A front-end loader picks up the orange wheelbarrow and drops it on the pavement from four metres in the air.

The short video depicting this punishment is posted on the website of Tufx-Fort Inc., a Waterloo company that manufactures wheelbarrows for customers ranging from home gardeners to construction companies.

The video was shot by a landscaping customer of Tufx, but chief executive officer Hans Kamphuis is happy to make use of it.

Strength and durability are the wheelbarrow’s big selling points, he says, as well as an ergonomic design that makes it easier to lift and balance a heavy load.

Tufx-Fort Inc.

35 Baffin Pl., Waterloo


519-746-1920; 888-314-3678

Tech Triangle‘s insight:

Looking back on the small twist of fate that set him on his current path, Kamphuis smiles and shrugs. “I love the challenges,” he says.

“I’m always looking for different ways of doing things. I’m always looking for quality.”

The entrepreneurial spirit thrives in the Waterloo Region with such dynamic companies such as Tufx-Fort.  We are proud that they call the Region home.

See on www.therecord.com


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