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IEDC on Digital Economic Development Marketing

Almost every EDO now has an online presence, but getting the most out of your website requires a high degree of marketing savvy.

Marketing to international businesspeople must be highly strategic, according to presenter Robert Payne of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. With limited marketing budgets, organizations must take advantage of free tools and maximize partnerships with other organizations.

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For example, Canada’s Technology Triangle Inc. (CTT) in Southern Ontario pushes its content to organizations such as the Canadian Chambers of Commerce for exposure to Hong Kong and Taiwanese markets. CTT also contributes marketing materials to the Consider Canada Alliance, Canada’s FDI attraction body.

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Ted Livingston co-founder and CEO of Kik Interactive

“University of Waterloo is the number 1 campus to recruit from globally”

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Over 100 new manufacturing jobs on the way for Waterloo Region – 570 NEWS

The positions are being created with help from the provincial government through its Southwestern Ontario Development Fund.

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Currently there are an estimated 2,000 jobs available in Waterloo Region in small to large companies and across all industry sectors.The manufacturing sector is aggressively adding to the demand for skilled workers in the region.

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Students choose many of same top colleges

For instance, the top-ranked liberal-arts college in the U.S. News & World Report rankings – Williams College – ranked 21st in the Parchment rankings below Swarthmore (11th), Pomona (12th), and Bowdoin (13th). One university that cracks the top 10 in the Parchment rankings doesn’t even make it into the U.S. News rankings because it’s in Canada: the University of Waterloo in Ontario.


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Waterloo operates the largest co-op education program in the world, meaning almost half of its 30,000 students alternate between four-month periods on campus and in the workplace. Because of co-ops, Waterloo students are accustomed to toggling between long stretches in the classroom and the work world while constantly refining and reflecting on what they learned in both places.

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A Four-Step Program for Entrepreneurial Success

Sharing entrepreneur success stories can spark insight and inspiration for founders in the startup community.

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Entrepreneurs who are changing the world come in all shapes and sizes, but the key tenets of entrepreneurial success are surprisingly consistent across all entrepreneurs: focus, tenacity, ecosystem of support, rapid iteration, learning from failure and making informed choices.

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Waterloo firm Smarter Alloys’ technology makes smart materials even smarter

Any family with a child who has braces knows that frequent visits to the orthodontist for adjustments are part of the package.

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He returned to Waterloo Region last year, setting up shop in the Velocity Foundry in Kitchener before quickly outgrowing the space and moving to a facility on Bathurst Drive in Waterloo earlier this year.

The move back to the region — “a centre of excellence in manufacturing,” Kuntz said — is advantageous for several reasons.

For one thing, the company conducts some collaborative research and development projects with the University of Waterloo.

“Being close to those projects again was of paramount importance,” Kuntz said. “Being close to that talent is important as well.”

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Canadian company Miovision aims to help fix global gridlock

Miovision Technologies, which creates automated traffic-data gathering systems, finds that exporting a disruptive product requires a local touch

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Miovision’s technology can help planners design their traffic systems and become quicker to address those frustrating problems where one traffic light seems to take forever while another doesn’t let more than one or two cars make a left turn.


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